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Elvin Bag in Box | Nectar RTD

ELVIN BAG IN BOX | Tropical 40%

Produced from nutritious fruits, Elvin ready-to-drink nectars offer exceptional colour, fresh fruit aromas and refreshing just picked flavour. These juices contain at least 40% fruit content and is available in three flavours: Apple Nectar - 50%; Peach Apricot Nectar Blend - 40%; Tropical Punch Nectar - 40%.

This product is available in a 5 litre carton with a foil inner bag and tap for easy dispensing, so it can be enjoyed with any meal or at any function, be it a formal event, party, or a simple family gathering.

A delicious mingling of favourite juicy fruits.

Package Sizes

5 litre
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General Product Information and Pack Sizes:

Code Product Description Pack Size Unit Barcode Outer Case Barcode Gross Case Weight Cases per Pallet
1267 Tropical 40% 4x5 litre 6001 12100 8726 6001 12100 8733 21.77 40

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