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Slimsy | Ruby Grapefruit

Slimsy 6% fruit squash concentrate is a low-kiljoule versatile thirst-quencher that's taken the low-cal market to a new level. Available in six trendy flavours and endorsed by Weigh-Less, Slimsy is not only for the weight-conscious, it's for health conscious families too. It's for moms who want to give their kids a guilt-free squash drink or iced lollies in summer and it's also great as a mixer in all kinds of drinks.

Sweet and tangy rejuvenating pink grapefruit.

Package Sizes

1 litre
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General Product Information and Pack Sizes:

Code Product Description Pack Size Unit Barcode Outer Case Barcode Weight Pallet
2123 Ruby Grapefruit 12x1 litre 6001 12100 5008 6001 12100 5961 12.68 56

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